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Would you like to feel better, possibly drop a few pounds, have more energy and get better sleep?  We have your solutions with one or all of our brands.
1. Puritii:
Clean Water
  • Removes Drugs, Germs, Chemicals, Metals From Your Water
  • Saves The Environment
  • And So Much More...
Protect You And Your Family From All The Toxins In Our Water
Best Portable Water Filter On The Market
2. Slenderiiz:
Lose Weight
  • Protecting Your Business
  • Putting Your Rights On Paper
  • And So Much More...
Drop 13-16 Pounds In 28 Days 
And Keep It Off! 
10,000+ case studies...over 200 people have lost 100 pounds and kept it off!
3. Nutrifii: Protect Your Body!
  • Stop Buying Toxic Energy Products
  • Get Focused
  • See The Rest Of The Range below....
Energy Boosting Product To Safely Keep You Going All Day!  
Get Laser Focused And Avoid The Energy Crash
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Why ARIIX Was Started
  • Protecting Your Business
  • Putting Your Rights On Paper
  • And So Much More...
Owners Who Finally "Get It"  Discover Now 
Putting Representatives Rights At The Forefront....
How To Select A Network Marketing Company 
  • How To Make Sure Your Income Doesn't Disappear
  • Why He Chose This Company
  • And More...
Learn Why Tim Sales Joined ARIIX And Why You Should Too... 
Discover The Five Criteria Tim Sales Used To Select ARIIX
Get Ownership In Your Market
  • Earn Extra 6-7 Figure Dividend For Life
  • Not "Profit Sharing"  - Ownership
  • Vote On Company Policy
You Can Become An Owner In ARIIX For Life.  No Company Offers This In The Entire Industry
You Can Share In The Profits Of Your Market For Life - Pinnacle Of Success
Case Study: Military To Millions
Founder's Club Testimonial
Quality Not Compromised
  • Changing Manufacturing Standards
  • Safe effective products...
  • GMO free raw materials
Brands With The Highest Quality Products On The Market Today... 
GMO Free, OTC, GMP, FDA Approved Facility...plus much, much more...
The ARIIX Brands: 
Avoid Name Saturation Of The Company. Capitalize On Market Trends With Our Brands And Never Run Out Of Opportunities.
ARIIX Travel Is An Industry Changing Travel Service That  Gets You Two Star Prices For Five Star Vacations
Travel Presentation Explains This Amazing Rewards Program!
Yes!! Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself Or Crazy Exercise Programs....
Best Weight Loss Program
On The Market
  • Clinically Proven To Lose 13-16 LBS in 28 Days
  • Homeopathic, Natural,  Organic...
  • Real People Getting Results...
Proven Homeopathic Weight Loss Program That Works Better Than Anything On The Planet...Get Your Hands On This Now! 
One Of A Kind Program That Is Sweeping The World!
Watch These Super Awesome Two Minute Testimonials!
Radio Announcer Drops 140 LBS
Mom's Miracle Makeover
UK Mum Drops 41 LBS - Gets Life Back!
35 Year Old Mortgage Broker 
Drops 86 Pounds!
Woman In Wheelchair Loses 130 LBS
Young UC Berkley Couple Gets Ripped!
Athletes Young & Old Get Six Pack Abs!

Jouvé Skin

  • 1. Safe - No Phthalates, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Artificial Colors, No Parabens.
  • 2. Effective - Clinically Proven To Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles By 63% in 28 Days!
  • 3. Therapeutic - No Phenoxyethanol like competitors use. Fermented Radish Root naturally preservers and moisturizes... HUGE DIFFERENCE!
  • 4. Multi-Functional so you don't have to buy a medicine cabinet full of products.
  • Real People Getting Results...
Skincare Breakthrough Without All The Hidden Chemicals!
Woman's Amazing Tranformation
Man's Wrinkles Disappear In 90 Seconds
The Jouvé Promise To Never Harm You With Toxic Chemicals...
Dr. Oz Guest Doctor Explains Why This Brand Has Gone Above And Beyond. Fermented Radish Root As A Preservative?  Yep...The Jouvé Difference
 NEWS FLASH: Top Formulator Of Over 300 Nutritional Products Changes His Process...To Make These Products Superior To All Others In The Marketplace!!! [WATCH VIDEO]
Highest Quality Supplements On The Market
  • Clinically Proven To Lose 13-16 LBS in 28 Days
  • Homeopathic, Natural,  Organic...
  • Real People Getting Results...
Take These Whole Food...GMO Free Products And Rest Well At Night Knowing You Are Protecting Your Body Like No Other Product On The Planet!
Good Luck Eating All Of This In One Week - Let Alone One Day!
Doctor Explains...
Take 36 Superfoods On The Go With The First Ever All Natural Preservative System Developed By ARIIX
Drink Pond Water And Not Only Survive But Love The Taste?  Yep...Plus Every Home Must Get One Of These Air Filters...
Pure Water &
Pure Air
  • Drink Pure Water From Any Source
  • The Solution To Poor In Home Air Quality
Water On The Go - Perfect For The Active Lifestyle - Heck Any Lifestyle!
Watch 'The Water Guy' Drink H2O That "Could End Him!"
***Watch Man Put His Life On The Line With The Best Air Filtration System On The Planet...
Protect Yourself From The Dozens Of Chemicals In Your Bathroom With This Simple Solution
Organics Personal Care
  • Get The Toxins Out Of Your Bathroom
  • And Feel The Reviive Difference!
Truly Products That Can Protect Your Family From All The Toxic Chemicals Found In Personal Care Products....
PRIIME Essential Oil Blends Harness Energy To Make Them The Most Powerful Oil Blends In The World!
PRIIME Essential Oils
  • Throw Away Your Toxic Air Fresheners
  • One Of A Kind Unique Products
  • Help Out Those Headaches And Protect Your Kiddos...
Essential Oils Have Been Around For Thousands Of Years...Bring Nature's Medicine Into Your Home!
Finally Get A Great Night Sleep With PRIIME's Calm
PRIIME Testimonials
Voted #1 Compensation Plan In All Of Network Marketing For A Reason....No Company Pays Out More To The Field
Pick Your Business Level
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  • Plus Learn How To Make Money Fast...
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